Psychology Services & Personal Counseling @ Foothill

Seeking a safe place for you to seek help and support?

Psychological Services & Personal Counseling @ Foothill College offers all students a confidential, non-judgemental space to receive support from licensed professionals to promote wellness, success, and hope. The warmest welcome and help are available here!

Schedule a free, confidential appointment

1. Two Options to Make an Appointment

1.Call 650.949.7910 and leave a message.

2. Request an appointment in MyPortal.

*Before Your First Appointment

•Log in to

•Select Apps on the left menu

•Under Students, select the Psych Services Student Portal app.

•Click on Forms to complete request an appointment time and complete the necessary paperwork before your appointment.

2. Service Hours

Regular appointment:

●Monday-Thursday 8-5 a.m.

●Friday 8-3 a.m.


Brief 20-minute appointments for urgent needs or quick questions

●Monday-Thursday 12a.m.-1p.m.

●Friday 1p.m.-2p.m.

3. Tips for Virtual Counseling Appointments

Greetings from Psychological Services & Personal Counseling @ FH!

Psychological Services and Personal Counseling is a free and excellent service provided by Foothill College. Feel free to contact and enjoy great communications with our nice and professional counselors!

More information:

Source comes from Introtopsychservices.pptx provided by Psychological Services & Personal Counseling @ Foothill College.

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