Pasadena City College Course Recommendation - ACCT 001A


Course Description: Study of the concepts and techniques for measurement and

communication of financial information and interpretation of financial statements.

Units: 5

Prerequisite: Eligibility for MATH 131

Recommended Preparation: ACCT 010 or BUS 014A

Transferability: CSU and UC

Class Size: 40

Lecture Hours: 90

Special Notes:

- Serves as a prerequisite for ACCT 001B

- Fulfills no GE area

II. Recommended Instructor: Professor Michelle Lee

Review: Students of Professor Lee's class call her lectures very clear and her course rigidly organized. They also say that Professor Lee is very strict with due dates. Although she is strict with due dates, Professor Lee's students say she is very friendly and helpful. They also say that if you talk to her, she will make accommodations based on your circumstances. Professor Lee takes attendance and also gives extra credit to students who participate during them. Professor Lee's tests are said to be very similar to the course work so staying on top of that will be sure to help with your success.



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