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Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

Why should you dedicate time to optimize your LinkedIn profile?

I can tell you why.

Here’s a scenario to think about: if you were a recruiter and you had to review an applicant ONLY by looking at their LinkedIn profile - who would you pick?

Would you pick a DETAILED LinkedIn profile or a LinkedIn profile that showcases a replica of how you present your resume?

LinkedIn is in no way a duplicate of your resume. LinkedIn is a platform where you can share your unique and personal story. Out of the 740 million members on LinkedIn, I can guarantee you the majority do not use LinkedIn to their advantage.

College Leap at IVC is hosting their very first LinkedIn Discord Workshop. Our team will provide insightful tips on building your LinkedIn profile and getting recruiters to notice you as a potential candidate.

Our first discord workshop will be on Friday, March 5th - at 6 pm (PST). Make sure to check out our discord channel to become a LinkedIn Pro!

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