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Math Presentation at Possible Self Expo

Updated: Nov 10, 2019


--The Foothill College Foundation STEMentors organization runs the annual Possible Self Expo, as a Foothill College Science Learning Institute event, to encourage 5th-12th grade under-represented community students to follow STEM careers. 

--This is the 2nd year, and event takes place  at the Foothill College Sunnyvale Campus on 2019/Nov/09/Sat/9am-3pm.

--Set up occurs at the Foothill College Sunnyvale Campus on 2019/Nov/08/Fri/ all day. 

--We expect about 250+ students and family members. 

--Exhibitors are both external (NASA, Cisco, etc) and internal (Foothill College clubs, departments, and programs) 


--Set up and clean up

--Help with the Math Club presentation at classroom and the tent

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