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Make an Appointment in DVC Counseling Center

During our study journey in DVC, it is quite helpful to get counseling services when we need some additional advice. For example, we can let the counselor proofread our transfer personal statement, or we can ask any questions that we are unsure about. But since now all the thing goes virtual, continuing students and new students might get confused when the format changes. And I am sure, many uncertainties have arrived due to this pandemic situation. So this week's blog is about how to get DVC counseling services online.


Firstly, go to the DVC counseling page:

Click on the "E-Service" on the page(link below):

DVC has two kinds of counseling services: one is drop-in(no appointment needed), the other is to make an appointment beforehand.

Link for schedule counseling sessions:


Drop-in Session

The drop-in sessions are 15 minutes only, you can just ask some questions that can be solved for 15 minutes. After you click on the link above, you should choose "Drop-in".

And then you choose the reason for you to come for drop-in counseling. After that, you should enter your phone number and email address. This is very important since the counselor will send you the zoom link to join the counseling meeting through your email or phone. Please double check you enter it correctly. And then you are all set! you just need to wait for a couple of minutes to let the counselor send the meeting link to you.



Click the same link above to schedule a 30- minutes appointment. One thing to note is that the appointments are very limited, so if you have some questions that take more time to solve, you better schedule that early. After you click on the link above, you should choose "Make Appointment".

After that, please select the counselor that you need.

Select the time that you prefer to have the service. (You better select all)

After that, you can select the appointment you want to make.

After this step, you will be directed into the page that is quite similar to the drop-in session that asks you to select the reason for you to come and to verify your email address and phone number. Once again, this is important because the counselor will send you the link to join the meeting via email or phone. Please be careful about that. After that, you are all set and you can just wait until the date you schedule that appointment!


View or cancel your appointments

Sometimes, urgent things can pop up, maybe you cannot attend the appointment anymore. By contrast to non-show, you can cancel your appointments. you are doing a favor to the counselor and other students that need help. Click on the same link above, you will be direct to the eSARS appointment menu.

This time click on "View or Cancel appointments", then you can cancel your scheduled appointment.


I hope this blog can be helpful to you when you seeking helps on your academic journey!

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