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Become a tutor at DVC

Besides your classes, would you like to do something else that can enrich your school life and earn some money? Become a tutor is a good choice. According to the United States Citizenship Immigration Service (USCIS) regulations: International students holding F1 visas can work legally on campus, without special permission. Also, international students who first has a job in the United States can get a social security number(SSN); that will help you a lot when you live in the United States, for example, you can then apply for a credit card and start earning credits! It is very important to have credits in the United States, that is related to your car loan, car insurance, etc.

Friendly Reminder: This is the same as that in many other countries, there are a lot of students who want to do part-time jobs. Finding a job in school is also competitive. It should be that you have to work hard to make progress.

Like any other colleges, DVC has a learning center that includes all the different subjects tutor positions. Students who need help with homework can sign-up in advance or walk-in during opening hours. Tutor has fixed working hours. If there are students come to visit, you will be helping him/her; if no one patronizes "business", just look at the writing and homework and arrange your own time.

Tutor's job sounds very pleasant, but it is difficult to apply. Not only should the applicant's professional academic performance be examined, but also the communication skills and the way of explaining the topic. If you are excellent in specific subject, you should go ahead and then apply for it!

Here are some general qualification for becoming a tutor at DVC.

Due to this pandemic, the steps for becoming a tutor has changed. If you are interested in becoming a specific subject tutor, like Biology tutor, you should email the Biology department or your Biology professor for detailed information. For me, I am currently taking computer science 260 (assembly language), the professor of that class made an announcement that the CS department are hiring new tutors, so then I applied for it and now I am a CS tutor! So just contact the professor or the department officer for more details cause for different subjects, the requirement are slightly different.

The experience of being a tutor on campus will also be a rare treasure in college life. Whether it is a colleague or partner you work with or a new friend you met in the workplace, it is possible to become a good companion and best friend for the years of college. Those interesting anecdotes at work will also be a highlight of your college life.

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