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Course Requirement as a transfer CS student in DVC

How is the semester going so far everyone? It is almost the deadline of the UC application submission in 2020, and have you get well prepared for your application? I hope you have done something already!

As we know, the requirement for every UC schools is different, and the requirement even changes every year. But the course requirement for most of the UC schools

  1. Math 192, 193, 292(the three calculus courses series), 294, 195, 194(Basically all the higher level math course)

  2. CS 110, 165, 200, 210, 260

  3. PHYS 130, 230, 231(or chemistry)

  4. ENGL 122, 123/126

If you have more time, you can finish up the IGETC requirement, but this is not required for most UC schools.

Also, I would like to recommend some really good instructor to you:

  1. Dominic Tardivel - Math Professor (I really like the way Tardivel deliver the material, he knows how to summarize key knowledge. His class is like a breeze, but you still need to work hard to earn a good grade.)

  2. Julie Walters- Math Professor

  3. Kit Cowell- Physics Professor (I personally think Cowell is the best Physics instructor in DVC, highly recommend! But he is very popular, be sure to select the course asap.)

  4. Ryan Melvin- CS Professor

  5. Nick Amato - CS Professor(He is very responsive to your questions)

  6. Peikun Tsai - CS Professor(He is also very responsive. I took his Object-Oriented-C++, and I still remember his analogy: he called the class as the blueprint, and the object as the real building. He mentioned a lot of real software engineering industry, which was really beneficial too.)

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