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How to get use of the UC transfer Infocenter?

In this week's blog, I will introduce to you how to use the UC transfer info center in depth.

Link of the website:

After you click on this link, you will be navigating into this page:

This page is all general information for UC. To find information for our undergraduate transfer students, we should first click on the "undergraduate admission" on the left column. Then you will be navigating into this page:

And next, we need to scroll down this page, there is a lot of information we can find as a transfer student. But I think the most valuable page is the "Transfer by Major":

If you are willing to, you can simply click on this website:

On this page, you can find a major transfer rate for different UC campuses in different years. The data, for now, is from 2012-2019. For a specific major, you should enter the major name in the box"Search for Major Name". For example:

I typed "computer science" for the major, and I selected UCB in 2019: thus we can see that two related majors pop up. We can view the applicant number, the admit number, the admit GPA range, admit rate, etc. We can also search for different campuses, for the same major or a different major. I think this statistic can help when we are choosing our majors. Since different majors' accepting rates are quite different. For Computer Science, the admit rate is around 5-9% for UC Berkeley. But for Japanese major at UC Berkeley, statistic shows that the admit rate is 46%.

Other than that, we can also see the UC campuses accepting results from the respective of different community college schools for each year.

For example, I am a DVC mathematic major student. I want to transfer to UCLA with a major in applied math. So I can look upon this website, and see how many people can get accepted and then enrolled in this school transferring from DVC. There are 4 people registered at UCLA in 2019.

I hope this week's blog is useful to you and please give me a like if you found this blog is useful! Thank you!

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