IVC to UC Transfer Panel Recap

Our chapter had the incredible chance to speak with five recent transfers: Daniel Tsentsiper (UC Berkeley, Business Administration), Jewel C. (UCLA, Chemistry), Kayla (UCSD, Neurology), Karissa (UCI, Mechanical Engineering), and David (UCI, Mechanical Engineering). Not only was the panel highly informative, but each of our speakers was very honest and gave their own personal insights and suggestions that will hopefully be of aid to all who watch. Their knowledge and time was greatly appreciated!

Feel free to watch the recording of our transfer panel HERE: https://cccconfer.zoom.us/rec/play/zxseMUPSIwWicUArnl9wsX4Fzo2ADnnF3TH9V-hJPMButagzYyJb8xrGE_tL27wiUUwTCuV-nsnJ9IPB.N3UPBitZ_Y2Hv6Ur

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