Intern Opportunity at Modern Basket

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

About this company:

Curated, subscription based marketplace for hard-to-find, functional healthy foods.

We are looking for:

Engineer/ Tech, Marketing, Operations, Social Media Manager

Job descriptions and skills needed:

1. Operations Intern:

Manage partnerships w/ brands on our platform. Help fulfill orders and interact with our consumers.

Skills: Writing, Business Communication, Social Media Management, Engineering, Outreach, Proficiency in English

2. Engineering Intern:

Be in charge of developing our website + ai/ml personalization data model for our healthy food products

Skills: CS, Engineering

3. Social Media Intern:

Manage our social media content and posts. Be the person to tell the story of our brand.

Skills: Writing, Graphic Design, Social Media Management, Marketing Analysis, Outreach

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