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How to Become a Part of Edmonds College Leap Chapter Team

Hi Everyone, for this week's blog, I will introduce you to our Edmonds College Leap Chapter Team!

College Leap

@Edmonds College

“Get involved and make something happen together”

Chapter Team Position

➤ College Leap :

A non-profit organization founded at UC Berkeley by Berkeley Haas students to empower the international students at community colleges by providing leadership, mentorship, and extracurricular opportunities for free;

🔽 We bring various events to support CC students in earning the most successful transfer to a 4-year university.

Transfer Fairs, National Competitions, Alumni Network, Internships opportunities and many more activities are provided by College Leap @Edmonds College.

➤ Chapter Team :

A team organized by College Leap and given amazing opportunities to volunteer in order to help Community College societies and earn yourself a volunteer certificate!

🔺 Note:

  • Chapter Team positions are open to all students (both local and international)

  • No interview is required.

➤ Benefits for Chapter Team members :

  • Receive an official “Volunteer Certificate” based on your dedicated hours!

  • An exclusive opportunity to volunteer and get involved in building meaningful events for Edmonds College students.

  • Chances to become a Chapter Leader at Edmonds College Leap.

  • Earn seats at various College Leap events and expand your network with College Leap members.

  • Gain more social experiences (teamwork, leadership,..) and receive advice to help strengthen your personal resume.

➤ Commitment :

  • Voluntary time is flexible towards your personal schedule!

  • All hours spent are accounted for as volunteer hours.

  • More hours dedicated will promise bigger awards!

➤ Eligible Requirements:

  • Be a full-time student at Edmonds College during the Volunteer Quarter.

  • Be affable, active, and responsible.

➤ How to become a part of Chapter Team:

  1. Sign up to become a General Member, you will receive newsletters and have access to various resources at College Leap (website). Click here for instructions.

  2. Fill out the Application Form for Chapter Team members. Click here.

  3. Please patiently wait for our response!

➤ Contact Information:

IG : collegeleap_edmonds

College Leap @Edmonds President, Jasmine Bui:

Thank you for your time, and we are looking forward to your application!

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