Foothill College NetTutor Service

NetTutor is a great online resource to support learning. It’s a high-quality assistant for you to get tutoring, solve coursework problems, and understand materials efficiently. NetTutor is a subscription service provided by our school, and the access is on canvas.

*Different instructors may organize help resources in different tabs. Not sure about how to enter the NetTutor page through canvas? Please email your instructor!

Introduction to NetTutor (Two-Step Tutorial):

- STEP 1: Select a group of the area (listed in alphabetical order) that you’d like to get tutoring. Click to enter the tab of that area.

*This is a sample screenshot of what you’ll see on the NetTutor page. There is a bunch of subjects for you to choose from!

You’ll see this page after you have selected a subject (I chose biology as an example):

- STEP2: You can now decide on which type of tutoring you’d like to get!

l Click on “Drop-in Tutoring Hours” to meet with a live tutor (sometimes you may have to wait for a couple of minutes for your turn). If it says “Not tutors currently available for drop-in tutoring,” a click may show you the schedule of drop-in tutoring hours.

*This is the session where you can type in the box below to have a discussion with a live tutor:

l Click on “Schedule an Appointment” to schedule a live session with a tutor.

l Click on “Drop off a Question” to leave a question and get answers & explanations:

l Click “Your Locker” to track your tutoring history and/or question feedback.

NetTutor is a helpful quick-answering resource to aid your academy, and its system is easy to handle. Go have a try!

You can also refer to this tutorial video:

Introduction to NetTutor:

Other Tutoring Services at FH:

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