Effective Online Learning Tips during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Hi everyone,

I hope you guys are doing well!

Like everything else, education has been upended by the coronavirus pandemic:

Millions of students have been studying at home and learning online for almost a year now.

The process of learning from home is not easy. In regular times, teaching and learning activities still need to be conditioned to focus on listening to teachers and doing tasks.

Now at home, students are encouraged to be able to condition themselves independently. Here's a simple tip from me so that students everywhere don't get caught up in being lying down.

  • Find a quiet and comfortable study room at home. Prepare tables and chairs as if they were in the classroom.

  • Try not to study on the mattress so that it does not then become sleepy.

  • Prepare the stationery and books needed during the learning process. Place it in an easy-to-reach position.

  • Make sure the internet network is not disrupted so that the focus of learning is not disturbed. Also, make sure your computer or laptop is in perfect condition.

  • Make your study schedule while at home. Distinguish between study time Mondays through Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays. The flexibility of time is conditioned so that students do not get bored easily.

  • Keep your smartphone while learning to minimize distractions. Keep the phone out of sight by giving it to parents to maintain the concentration of learning.

  • Prepare water and fruits to accompany you to study. Avoid unhealthy snacks so that stamina is always strong to do other activities.

  • Be active in learning so that when the pandemic is over, abilities and knowledge can be filled. Strive to find additional subject matter through free online learning apps and sites.

Hopefully, it's useful!

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