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Chapter Introduction! Get to Know Our Team @Foothill!

Hello! Nice to have you here reading our blog! We sincerely welcome you to join us!

My name is Gabriel, and I’m the Vice President of Membership Affair of College Leap Foothill Chapter =). College Leap is a non-profit organization founded at Berkeley, aiming to present great opportunities, as well as academic and extracurricular resources for transfer students. College Leap Foothill Chapter is one of the 31 Chapters in College Leap family, and we are ready to support you with our useful information and warm hearts. We will provide you with tips for achieving academic success, off-campus activities, and we will also update news about some amazing competitions for you to enrich your experience.

Interested in joining us? Please contact us:

You can also contact chapter leaders:

President of College Leap Foothill Chapter:

VP of Membership Enrollment:

VP of Chapter Projects:

VP of Alumni Network:


Hanyang Wang

VP of Membership Affairs:

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