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Berkeley Courses Introduction: English 1A


English 1A is a transfer requirement for basically all the majors and all the universities, some students even take it during high school to be more prepered in their application. With this class, you will develope your critical thinking, identifying logical fallacies, and reasoning inductively and deductively. You will be reading and writing expository prose.

  • ENGLISH 1: (A, B) is a 2 quarter english course based on developing your writng andreading skills. This two classes are required for the general education requirement for basically any major from any college.

  • Composition and Reading

  • Units: 4

  • Class Size: Lecture - 210 minutes

  • Advisory: Before taking this class, if you don't feel comfortable of your English reading and writing skills, you can take the prerequisistes that are ENGL 201B or 264B or ESL 21B or ESL 52B.

  • Repeatability: Repeatable.

  • Workload: 3.5 hours lecture (42 hours total per quarter.)

  • Offer Terms: Every quarter.

  • Transferability: CSU and UC

  • Transfer TAG: This course will be required for your TAG appliacation. To get more information regarding how this course is applied toward TAG is available at:

The Professor We Recommend

  • Sonya Wozniak

  • Class Type: Online for now

  • Ratings on RateMyProfessor: 2.6/5

  • Teaching Habits: You need to show up at Sonya's lecture. There is a lot of material to cover in her class and you will need to not skip class and to not come late to the lectures. There are 4 essays that add to 200 points. She is a tough grader so you will need to be prepared and don't be afraid to ask her what she actually wants from your essay. The most important thing is that she is passionate about her job, and if you actually stay behind all the material, it will not be that hard to get a good grade. She is hard to get in contact with, and a bit of a slow grader, so you might want to be prepared to take this class since you will not have a lot of feedback to improve.

  • Sharon Coleman

  • Class Type: Online for now but could be on campus

  • Ratings on RateMyProfessor: 4/5

  • Teaching Habits: Sharon is very nice, sweet, passionate about her job and good at choosing interesting topics. I personally took her class, and since it was my first semester and my first time coming to the US and basically speaking and studying only in English, it wasn't very easy. She gives a lot of homework, but will actually grade it quickly and it will be easy to have a quick feedback from her. Since she wants a lot of assignments, not missing class would be advised so that you can understand what she wants from you. She gives you lots of resources to learn the material in-depth (beyond what is covered in class). Her grades are structured and I honestly think she has been a fair grader that takes in account your situation, and values more how you grow than the actual mean of the grades. I got a B that didn't seem possible at the beginning of the class and I improved A LOT thanks to her. Definetly recommended.

  • Adan Olomedo

  • Class Type: Online for now but could be on campus

  • Ratings on RateMyProfessor: 4.8/5

  • Teaching Habits: Adan is funny and clear, and most important he wants you to grow and will help as much as he can to make you understand your mistakes.No test and only 3 quizzes that are very easy. Final was a 5-7 page essay. Homework was to read 2-3 chapters from a book and answer short questions. Homework should be half a page or a page or longer if you want. There are a lot of extra credit opportunity, so it is hard to fail his class. He enjoyes his work, and pass that passion to the students that all of them strongly recommend him, and even told that that class changed their perception of their English classes!


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