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Alumni Transfer Experience - Chemical Engineering

"Chemistry can change people's life," said BCC transfer alumna Scott in the interview with me. Scott, an international student and a successful transfer applicant to College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley, is now in his final year of bachelor degree and plans to pursing a PhD degree. I'm very glad to have Scott to share his personal story about being accepted to UC Berkeley as a transfer student!

  • Alumna Background Information

Major: Chemical Engineering

Transfer GPA: 4.0


Current University: UCB

  • Transfer Results

Where do you apply and what are the results?

UCB, UCLA, UCSD, UCSB – top 4 in Chemical engineering

Did not apply TAG because there was no tag at UCSB for Chemical engineering

  • Academic

Assist completion: Complete including Physic 3c, Math 3 series - A, B, C, E, F, no Bio, Engineering 45, 77

IGETC completion: Does not need. He took 22 units of GE classes in the summer prior to transfer.

  • Extracurricular Activities

What are the top 3 to 5 activities you participated in when you were in the CC?

· Freshman summer: Internship in a water company ( 2 months)

The internship was mainly involves Analytical Chemistry in the lab. There were water samples collected across the city, they analyzed the samples to see if they meet the requirements.

· Berkeley animal care service: long term volunteer (1 year).

· Animal care club at BCC (1 year): Recruit more volunteer for BACS. Tutoring session on animal right, animal protection.

· Starting Point Mentor Program at UCB.

· ASBCC VP Secretary

  • Application Materials

What are the most important elements you presented in your application essays?

Any tips (on writing essays, fill in application forms, etc)

Major preparation essay: He wrote about how his got inspired by grandpa to have strong interest in chemistry. He also mentioned his internship, including team cooperation and trouble shooting incident. Then he described that the internship was a great learning experience from which he obtained transferable skills to help upper division class.

Leadership essay : He wrote about tutoring in Tibet when he was freshman in high school. He emphasizes the leadership in communication areas by giving a specific example, how he solved the time clash in lecture schedule.

Community essay: He mainly wrote about the experience of animal care club.

One thing to set you apart: He wrote the reason to choose Chem E and his career goal. He also talked about his personal story: he wanted to study pharmaceutical chemistry to help out more people from illnesses and diseases.

I really appreciated that Scott took his time to share his story with me. At the end of the interview, I could tell how well he has done as a transfer student at UC Berkeley. I hope our audience could find his experience as much inspiring as me.

Disclaimer: the information contained in this post is shared by alumna/alumnus and only represents his/her personal experience/opinion. It is not a reliable indicator for future results, and shall not be used to replace academic advisors. Please consult with your college advisors before you make any changes to your academic plan.

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