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BCC Chapter - Meet the Team 2020-2021!

As of the beginning of October, we are so excited to announced that the BCC College Chapter has done the recruitment of their six College Leap Leaders! For the upcoming year 2020-2021, BCC Chapter will be leaded by a brand-new leader team. We have experienced team members from last year to go on different positions and new members joined us to start their journey with College Leap. Wonder who are these amazing people behind the scene?

1) BCC Chapter President - Yitao Zhao

I'm Yitao Zhao, president of College Leap @ BCC, an engineering student from Berkeley City College. The school is so fun! Even we don't party a lot, we still have a bunch of opportunity to meet new friends. From my perspective as an international student, we don't have equal opportunities as others do, that's the reason I joined College Leap. Fun fact about me: I actually liked word puzzles even I lost to my friends almost every time.

2) VP of Projects - Julian Galarza

My name is Julian Galarza. I am the Vice president of Projects at Berkeley City College. I am a Mechanical Engineering graduate from La Universidad de Los Andes in Colombia and am a current student of Computer Science at Berkeley City College. I have more than 4 years of experience working for multinational companies like Mercedes Benz and General Motors. However, understanding the importance of self-education and knowledge, I have come to the USA to complete my degree in Computer Science. I joined College Leap because I believe in quality education for all. Therefore, my purpose is to create a network for international students and help them to reach their personal goals related to education and contribute to promoting interest in science and technology. My dream is to show international students the power of education and help, and, in the future, allow international students to help their own countries eliminate educational barriers. Outside of school, I love hiking and mountain climbing, so if you want to join me in one of my adrenaline adventures, you are welcome!

3) VP of Membership Enrollment - Zoey Li

My name is Linqi and I go by Zoey.This is my sophomore year at BCC and my position at College Leap this year is VP of membership enrollment. My major is mathematics. This is my second year in College Leap and I really enjoy my community. College Leap support and help me during my transfer life. And there’s a fun fact about me, I have the cutest dog ever and she is all my joy.

4) VP of Fundraising Management and Internal Affairs -Hailey Jiang

Hi everyone, I am Hailey and I am the Vice President of Fundraising Management and Internal Affairs. I am major in Business Administration and I want to start a business of my own after graduation. I joined College Leap because I want to give back to the community and help students. We welcome all students to join us and use our resources. A fun fact about me is that I am obsessed with miniature things such as babies, puppies, dollhouses, etc.

5) VP of International Alumni Network - Allie Ni

Hi, my name is Allie Ni and I'm the VP of IAN. I'm in charge of establishing a network between all international alumni of Peralta Community College District and interviewing their transfer experiences. Currently I'm majoring in Biology at BCC as a sophomore. I wanted to have more leadership experience and empower our international student community, so College Leap, here I am! A fun fact about me is that I don't know how to ride a bicycle.

6) Chapter Leader - Thomas Meta

Hey everyone!I am Thomas Meta, a chapter leader for the Berkeley City College chapter.

A little about me: I am 20, I am Italian and I am passionate about computer science and everything that regards the tech world, and that’s why my major is Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I wanted to join College Leap becauseI think that we international students of CC don’t really have a lot of opportunities and I think that with this project we can expand our horizons even more!

Fun fact about me: even if I am Italian, I can’t cook at all.

Lastly, we got you a bonus post from our Chapter Advisor - Bill Wong!

Hi there! My name is Biao Wang, you can also call me Bill! I am transfer senior student at UC Berkeley from Berkeley City College. My role in this chapter is more like a supervisor, so I am overseeing the PCCD chapter in general.

My major is Interdisciplinary Studies with the focus of internet and adolescent’s well-being. I faced a lot of challenges and difficulties in the beginning in terms of both academic and social life, but luckily, with helps and correct information channel from others, I overcame these barriers and reached my personal goals.

Given the fact that international students know little about opportunities and resources because of language barriers, personal connections, and immigrant status, it’s important and essential that there should be a hand to provide extra help and information channels outside of the campus, therefore, here comes the College Leap.

A fun fact about me: I travelled to Netherlands alone and spent 3 days in there.

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