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BCC Weekly Blog - New Extended TAG Deadline is Approaching

Hope all is well! As announced on October 1st, this year six UCs have decided to postpone the TAG deadline from October 1st to October 15th due the impact of recent wildfire across the state. More time is given for us to check our TAG application, make sure all information is correct and finally submit out TAG application by the deadline!

While the extended deadline is approaching, we would like to provide a few tips, useful websites and TAG resources for you to facilitate your TAG application.


  1. TAG application has three steps needed to be completed before submission. So you don't want to wait until last minute to submit your TAG.

  2. Be careful about major selection. Some majors may look similar. Once you have applied TAG for one major, you will need to keep the same major on your UC Application to make your TAG valid.

  3. Be honest when report all your grades (includes W, EW) and any gaps more than one school semester.

  4. You should make an appointment with your academic counselors to your TAG application double checked.

Useful websites:

1. Pre-recorded UC TAG Info Session

2. BCC Counseling Appointment Link

3. BCC UC TAG Specific Requirements List

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