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Volunteer Opportunity at JCC College Leap!

Hi everyone! College Leap at JCC is currently recruiting Chapter Team Members to join our crew. As a Chapter Team Member, you will be fulfilling volunteer tasks within our chapter and community to earn volunteer hours; upon completing volunteer hours, you will be given volunteer certificates.This is a great opportunity for students looking for volunteer experience with a flexible schedule! Please feel free to contact our chapter if you have any questions or would like more information. Contact: Volunteer Chapter Team Positions

Chief Creative Design Officer:

- Collaborate with VP of Membership Affairs to create newsletters

- Request and provide resources for flyers


- Keep record of revenue, expenses, reimbursements, and cash advancement requests - Collaborate with events coordinator regarding events

Outreach Coordinator:

- Work with VP of Membership Enrollment regarding social media and marketing

- Establish relationships with other clubs/organizations for marketing channels

Event Coordinator:

- Collaborate with Head of Chapter Projects to find volunteer opportunities and resources

- Work with international alumni network

Fundraising Coordinator:

- Create fundraising campaigns

* Every Chapter Team Member position is volunteer and can earn you volunteer certificates. As a team member, you are given flexibility, as well as experience working with the greater College Leap team. You may also have the opportunity to become a Chapter Leader.

Apply to be a Chapter Team Member here:

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