Valuable Resources on the UC Website

I am sure most if not all of you guys have visited the UC website for applications and simple questions. However, the amount of resources that are available on this website are a lot more than you realize. After looking into it for some time it is easy to see why it will be your most valuable resources when looking to transfer to a UC. Most of the things I am going to be talking about are on the admissions section of the UC website.

1. Transfer Pathways - This section of their website will allow students to see what classes to take to prepare for their major for any of the 9 UC campuses. This section also has a tool called the Transfer Pathways Guide which works in a similar way to (see more information about Assist and other resources in my previous blog post).

2. Personal Insight Questions - Personal insight questions or PIQs are the UCs mini essay questions they have you write during the application process. There is some general information and tips on this sight but if you scroll down you can see some guidance for each prompt.

3. Downloadable Resources - This sections is located on the counselling section of their website and contains transfer resources like admit data, tables providing information about TAG, and transfer student financial aid information.

4. Application Guide - This part of the website explains how the UCs review your application and more specific information for each campus' methods.

5. FAFSA and Cal Dream Act Tips - This section gives a guide on how students can file financial aid on two different formats. It explains what to do and the possible financial rewards it can give you depending on your financial situation.

While all of these resources are a good place to start, there are many more available on the website that I have not seen. Each person utilizes each resources differently and I encourage you guys to continue searching the website for information that applies to you better. I hope these tips helped you guys and if I missed something important please comment or email me.

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