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Optimizing Your LinkedIn Page

Creating and maintaining an up to date LinkedIn page is important when searching for jobs and internships. Your LinkedIn page is likely one of the first things your potential employer will see when trying to find information about you. It is important to build a good page to make a good first impression.

1. Make sure to have a good, professional profile photo

A professional profile photo will not wow your employer but a mirror selfie or otherwise unprofessional photo will be an unpleasant surprise. Start things on the right foot with a good PFP.

2. Write a small bio

Adding a small blurb about who your are and what you have done at the beginning of your page can give your page more body as well as show others what experiences you identify with.

3. Share your skills

Make sure to add skills on your page to show others what abilities you have. Be sure to not only include hard skills such as C++, but also personal skills such as leadership. If you're confident, LinkedIn offers many skill assessments that can give you a verification badge next to your name if you score well.

4. Describe your experience

When listing experience, make sure to not only put the title and how long you held your position but also a small description of what your position entailed. Showing what responsibilities you held specifically during your time at an organization can show employers more specifically what experience you have.

5. Network

Building a network is an important part of one's LinkedIn page and shows experience as well as well roundedness. Networking with colleagues from various institutions can also be beneficial when looking for other job/internship opportunities.

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