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Tips for Writing a Good Waitlist Essay

Hello everyone! With many colleges coming out with their transfer decisions lately, I would like to congratulate everyone on all of their acceptances. However, I am sure everyone received unpleasant news as well such as being on the waitlist for somewhere you really want to go. The chances on getting off any given school's waitlist can vary greatly depending on the number of applicants, students who have committed, and students on the waitlist. That is why it is crucial to write a good waitlist essay to set yourself apart and increase your chances of going to your top pick.

  1. Read the prompt carefully - Most schools' waitlist essay prompt is basically the same but it is important to give them what they ask for. They will usually ask for something that you have not already stated on your application.

  2. Share why you belong at the school - Schools want to hear that you are not only a good student, but would be a better student at their school. Emphasize programs and aspects unique to the school you applied to. Do your research and tell them why you should go.

  3. Weakness - Some schools will ask for you to elaborate on certain weaknesses on your application. When doing this be sure to explain how you are aware that it is a weakness and be sure to tell them how you are working to strengthen this aspect in your academic career.

  4. Take risks - This is going to be your last chance to make a name for yourself and stand out from the crowd. If you have an idea that does not align with the norm and you genuinely think is good, it might not be a bad idea to implement it. Remember to be professional however.

  5. Proofread it before submitting - Self explanatory

Read these points and figure out how to write an essay that will get you off the waitlist. Do what works for you!


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