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5 Great Scholarship Sites

Hey guys. With college transfer on everyone's mind, cost often becomes a large problem for many people. There are many things that can be done to help soften the blow of tuition cost such as getting a job and applying for financial aid, but another great thing to consider is applying to scholarships. Scholarships can be time consuming and often require essays but by submitting yourself even once a month can help you get the tuition money you need to go to school. Here I have compiled 5 great sites for searching up scholarships:

  1. This site is probably the most established site for searching up scholarships. It has a form you fill out that narrow the scholarships you see to ones that apply to you. They have a really good database so this is definitely a good place to start your searches.

  2. This site is a lot like in that it is well established and has a good database. This is the site I personally use and it's really easy to use. The only negative thing I would say is that they spam your email a lot with updates for scholarships but this can always be fixed in the settings if it bugs you.

  3. This site has a good database of scholarships but what really sets this site apart is the offer of tutors to help guide your scholarship essays.

  4. Their BigFuture site has a very comprehensive scholarship search tool as well as tips and other valuable information on scholarships on their website. Their site is obviously well established and has a decent sized database.

  5. The PCC Website: This one might be obvious to some of you but PCC has part of their website dedicated to helping students apply for scholarships. If you guys have not yet checked this section out I highly recommend checking out the general scholarships before the fall semester is over.

Another tip I have is to check the colleges you are applying to for their scholarship sites. It is always good to apply for scholarships granted by the school you are in. Good luck on your college applications everyone!

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