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The best course for the spring semester

Instructor: Prof. Mattson.

Course Description:

This course is an introduction to the field of biological anthropology: the holistic study of humans as organisms. Topics covered included genetic inheritance, the mechanisms of evolution, the biology and behavior of living primates, the history of human evolution as seen in the fossil record, and modern human biological variation.

Our Learning Objectives:

Apply a bio-cultural framework to the understanding of human development and contemporary human life. Analyze and participate in contemporary debates about evolution in the United States


This course is graded based on three quizzes, each worth 30 points (90%) and assignments worth 10 points (10%).

Attendance Policy:

Students should check into Canvas daily during the week for updates by the professor on lectures.

Response Time:

Students should expect to receive a response to e-mail messages within 24 hours during the week (48 during the weekend).

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