Time management

The new semester is here, we need to study hard, so I have summarized a set of methods for managing time, and hope it can help you

The first point is to classify and organize our own affairs. For example, we can organize all the time spent in each class into a table, sort out all the courses that require a lot of time and then classify them. Then our remaining courses are all tasks that can be completed in a short time. This is the first thing we have to solve. Courses that require a lot of time, such as mathematics and physics, are required to consume a lot of time because we need to Consolidate our abilities because a lot of training can allow us to enhance our memory.

The second point is to appropriately increase some entertainment activities in the study. After completing some work, we can give ourselves some rewards to motivate ourselves. Develop a good habit for yourself, so that you can remember to study before you can entertain.

The third point is to find a friend in the same course. You can study together and communicate with each other. 1 plus 1 is greater than 2.

This is all my experience and knowledge about time management. I also use many articles and videos to improve my time management plan, my plan isn't the best, but I still hope to help you, thank you!

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