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THE CRC & 2021

CRC is a recent event held by the college leap team. I strongly recommend every member of the college leap community participates. Reason 1. The theme of this competition is not limited. In other words, you can give play to your strengths. 2. This is a team game. If your personal ability is not very good, you can also get a good ranking by recruiting reliable teammates. Of course, the organizational ability is also a personal specialty. 3. This competition can help you transfer schools, and excellent extracurricular activities can make you look better.

At Creative Research Challenge, we believe every community college student can be a creative researcher if he/she is given the right guidance and opportunity! CRC hopes to bridge the resource gap for community college students in research field.

The Annual Theme for 2021 is COVID-19, and you need to center your research topic around this theme.

  1. The CRC final round will also be 2021 College Leap Community College Student Researcher Forum

  2. Each final round team will have 12 minutes to present their research results to our advisors

  3. Awards will be presented to best-performing teams.

For any details, please follow our official website

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