Tech Resources PCC Gives Students

Hey Lancers! If you're a freshman like me, becoming familiar with all of the different resources PCC provides can be overwhelming. Here are some of the many things PCC gives us that you might not know about.

1. Microsoft Office - PCC students get free Microsoft office accounts to use. This came as a shock to me and might not seem necessary with Google's equivalent. However, it may come in handy when files are too big for google to use. PowerPoints provided by some of my professors are too big to open with Google slides and I could only open them by using Microsoft PowerPoint. The link to download is here.

2. Internet Access - Although campus is closed. It is still good to know about the internet access points available at PCC in case of an emergency.

3. Student Discount on Technology - If you are a student thinking of buying certain software or other technology, you may be eligible for a discount from PCC. From Photoshop to laptops, this site provides sizable discounts for students. Visit for more information.

4. System Status Site - PCC has a site that details the status of its internet services. This covers sites such as Canvas and their website. While this one is less important, it may be useful when trying to troubleshoot tech at home. Here's the link.

5. Student Email Help - If you are having some issues with your student email or would just like to learn how to do certain things like add it to your phone's Gmail app, this site will give you the help you need.

These resources are sure to help PCC students utilize tech resources more effectively. There are many more resources of all kind provided by PCC and using them to their full potential will give you a leg up on other students. I know that applications are coming up soon so best of luck with those everyone!

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