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Spring courses recommend!(MATH 125)

Winter and spring courses recommend!(MATH 125)

The reason I recommend it:

The reason why I recommend this class is that I think the professor of this class is very patient and earnest. He will help you solve every problem carefully. I don't think this class is very difficult because the teacher's teaching style is very good. In addition, you can ignore the score of one exam in this class. I believe this is the biggest benefit that the professor gives to students!

Units: 5

Transferability: CSU and UC

Class Size: 40

Text: Bittinger, M. L., Ellenbogen, D. J., Johnson, B. L., Elementary and Intermediate Algebra, 6 th Edition

Technology Statement: A scientific calculator is required (TI-30X IIS recommended). Graphing calculators or cell phones as calculators are NOT ALLOWED.

Grading Policies:

Your grade will be determined by your performance on tests, quizzes, participation, and a comprehensive final exam. They will count as follows:

Four tests (Drop Lowest) 300 points

Four Quizzes 80 points Participation 70 points

Comprehensive final exam 150 points

Total points 600 points

537 – 600 points 90 – 100 % A

477 – 536 points 80 – 89 % B

417 – 476 points 70 – 79 % C

357 – 416 points 60 – 69 % D

0 – 356 points 0 – 59 % F

Student Learning Outcome (SLO):

Given a quadratic equation in the form of y=(x-h)^2+K, students will:

a. State whether the parabola opens upwards or downwards

b. Find the coordinates of the vertex

c. Write the axis of symmetry

d. Find the x-intercept(s)

e. Find the y-intercept(s)

f. Graph and label the points

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