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Pasadena City College Course Recommendation - HIST 007BH


Course Description: American history from 1876 to the present. Topics include industrialization, Progressivism, World Wars, Depression, the Cold War, the Civil Rights and Vietnam Era, and the 21st century. Emphasis placed on immigrant and racial groups, women, international relations, and contemporary topics. This enriched course is designed for the Honors Program allowing more student-directed discussion and more extensive writing assignments. No credit if taken after HIST 007B.

Units: 3

Transferability: CSU and UC

Class Size: 35

Lecture Hours: 54

GE Area: Area 3 Arts and Humanities (3B - The Humanities)

Special Notes:

- This course is limited to those accepted into the honors program at PCC

- This section is using a zero-textbook-cost option. If there is a required textbook, you will be able to access it online for free.

II. Recommended Instructor: Professor Lauren Acker

Review: Professor Acker is very organized with her lectures and course readings. Assignments are effective and easy to follow. They generously provide a 48 hour grace period for late work but falling behind in this class is a hole that would be hard to get out of. Extra credit opportunities given nearly every week. They really care about student success and seeks to cultivate passion in the subject. Is always open to meeting with students and discussing topics. One note about this class is that taking notes on the lectures and book is a must. Additionally, reading the lectures and all designated chapters of the book is also a must. That being said, if you spend around 3.5-4 hours reading the notes, taking the quizzes, and participating in the discussions. You will easily maintain a high grade in the class. You will get out what you put into this course.


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