NBPC is now opening in Elac!

The National Business Plan Competition is now opening in Elac. We are the branch of College Leap in Elac. We will be responsible for the registration, audition, and Competition of The Business Plan Competition in Elac. We hope to find more people who are interested in economics. Of course, if you major in economics, I believe this will be a good opportunity and experience for you. I sincerely invite you to participate in our competition, come on, I hope you become our champion! Whether your major is economics or not, if you want to try it out, you are welcome to contact us.

The National Business Plan Competition is a global Business Competition. Our purpose is to enable more students in college to show their talents and abilities. We hope to explore your potential in the Competition.

The competition will be on October 17, 2020

Contact us:zhongx9754@student.laccd.edu

East Los Angeles College (ELAC)


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