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Last Minute Resources for your UC Application

The UC application is due in about two weeks so if you guys have not started your essays I would highly recommend doing so. If you have not and you are perhaps reading this with the deadline even closer, here are some resources for you.

  1. The Most Dangerous Writing App - Most people procrastinate essay writing because they pause too much and do not know what to write. This app will prevent all of that by forcing you to write for a certain interval. The way this app works is that if you stop typing for too long, everything you have written will be deleted. This puts pressure on the user to keep writing even if it means not thinking about what you are writing. There is always room for adjustments later, what is important (especially at this stage) is that you get something on the paper. This was an app that was suggested to the people at our webinar last Friday. Going to our events will get you a lot of useful information like this. Speaking of events...

  2. Peer Review Event - College Leap PCC is hosting a peer review event for your UC essays on November 19th. Getting your essays reviewed is an important part of submitting a good application and if you have no one else to review your essays, this is a good place to do it. You can get advice on general tips to write a good essay and also have your essays reviewed by other people attending the event. Sign up here:

  3. UC Application Assistance Workshop - This is a workshop offered by the transfer center her at PCC. If you guys have any general questions about your application this is the place to go. Zoom link:

I'm sure you guys are working hard and maybe exhausted by school, college apps, a job, and extracurriculars but we got this. Only a few more weeks in the semester. Hope to see you guys at our event.

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