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Important information to help you (ELAC Winter semester)

One of the most recommended courses in winter

Hello guys, we are from College Leap at ELAC, nice to meet you guys here! The final is over. I hope every student can get a good result. The winter classes are about to begin, so let me summarize the recommended lessons for you.

Winter is a very short semester, so if I choose to attend classes in winter, Then I think it is a very big challenge. Because of the time, the courses in winter are much more difficult than the normal semester, because you need to learn a lot of things in a very short time. For this reason, many students choose to take one or two classes in winter.

English 102

The reason why I recommend this class is that there are not many assignments and tasks in this class, and most of the class assignments are to analyze essays, so we don't need to pay a lot of time learning this class.

Recommended Instructor:

Professor Daniel Lambert

GE Area: English and Literature

Review: You have to spend about a few hours per week to do your assignments. His quizzes are like a breeze, and that is why I recommended you, especially most of the international students to those who have difficulty with English, to take Professor Lambert’s class.

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