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Give your opinion about our further activities

Hi, we're from Elac College Leap. College Leap is a new club in ELAC, so we have not held any activities so far, we would like to get some opinions from you when we are going to preparing our new project. We want to know the ideas from you! We want to know what kind of project can help you improve the possibilities of the transfer. So I hope that every member of the College Leap ELAC chapter can put forward your opinions and ideas. We will formulate our first project based on your opinions, and we wish that you can get help and show your value in our further projects.

We don't know much about your idea of our next activity, so I hope we can take this opportunity to have a specific understanding of you. Each member's major and preferences will determine the direction of our next activity. If you have any questions, please let us know and we will do our best to help you answer them.

We will start to plan our first activity after we have some certain information. We expect your participation! Let's make something happens!

Thank you


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