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Course recommended - English 102

East Los Angeles College Course Recommendation- English 102

English 102 Introduction to English 2 (English 102)

Course Description: English 102 talks about mostly English and mostly influenced by stories. Topics include writing and reading techniques, discussing conflicts and issues, and formalizing essays as well as proofreading others. English 102 teaches lessons such as drama and modern literature. Famous authors such as Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King take place where the magic happens. This course is designed after English 101 and can be either taken to English 102 or 103.

Units: 3

Transferability: CSU and UC

Class Size: 36

Lecture Hours: 3 hrs/wk

GE Area: English and Literature

Special Notes:

This course is for CSU or UC.

This section is online and the textbook cost about $59.

Recommended Instructor:

Professor Daniel Lambert

Review: Professor Lambert may be one of the easiest English professors to take. He is amusing and funny in sort of a weird way, and he provides tutoring service online for extra credit as well as words/quotes/memes extra credit assignments if you want to make up the points lost. Extra credit opportunities are given every week. You can take notes in class if you want but he is the easiest to teach. He gives out essay assignments nearly every week and provides you details of how to do them. Reading the lectures and watching his recordings is important.

You have to spend about a few hours per week to do your assignments. His quizzes are like a breeze, and that is why I recommended you, especially most of the international students to those who have difficulty with English, to take Professor Lambert’s class.


Assignment Percentage of Grade

Class Participation 20%

(Discussion Forums and Quizzes)

Midterm Examination 10

Final Examination 10

Essay 1 on Fiction & Poetry (5-7 pages) 10

Essay 2 on Drama (5-7 pages) 10

Essay 3 on the Novel (5-7 pages) 10

Oral Research Presentation (5-10 slides) 10

Essay 4 (Literary Research Essay, 6-8 pages) 20

TOTAL: 100%

Grading Scale

Letter Grade Percentage

A 90-100%

B 80-89 %

C 70-79 %

D 60-69%


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