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College Leap's New JCC Chapter!

Greetings! My name is Laura and I am the Vice President of Membership Affairs at College Leap. College Leap is a non-profit organization established at UC Berkeley with the goal of creating an academic and social network for international students at community colleges. Because international students play a truly valuable role in our school and community, the addition of College Leap will be of great benefit to JCC. Our chapter will provide academic support, volunteer opportunities, nationwide College Leap activities, transfer support, and access to a large network of international alumni. We welcome any student to join our chapter as a chapter leader or general member. You do not need to be an international student to join; College Leap is a great opportunity for any student to gain leadership and networking experience. If you are interested in joining our chapter or would like to learn more, please contact us at President - Bagul Mammedova

Vice President of Membership Affairs - Laura Voltmann

Vice President of Membership Enrollment - Maksat Mametjumayev

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