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Foothill College Course Introduction-----Research Method & Designs for Psychology & Sociology Majors

I. Introduction

·PSCY10 is a mandatory major course for transfer students major in psychology and sociology. It is an introductory lesson on research methods in the social science field. You can learn and practice how to conduct a study following the scientific guidelines.

·Units:5(transferable to CSU &UCs)

·Learning outcomes:

a) Students will be able to identify specific methods used in sociological and psychological


b) Students will be able to analyze research by differentiating claims, data, and findings

·Course Objectives(from the syllabus):

Students are highly encouraged to actively participate in learning exercises & discussions. In this

course, the successful student will develop:

1) an understanding of the scientific method,

2) an ability to make informed judgments about research claims,

3) an ability to conduct a literature review on a topic in psychology,

4) an ability to design, conduct, and analyze a research study,

5) an opportunity to write up a research report that conforms to APA style and format,

6) an opportunity to give an oral presentation, and

7) an appreciation of the importance of research in everyday life.


·Professor: Eta Lin

-Reasons for recommendation:

Eta is a nice instructor with full patience and she is always supportive.

Her teaching style is pragmatic and intriguing, and she offers opportunities for plenty of extra credits. She may be a strict grader of tests but the final grades of the exams will eventually be curved (calculation: your final grade=(your score ÷the highest score in the class)×100%). To gain academic success, just pay attention to her lecture and ask! She will be eager to help. Besides, remember to contact her for instruction and helpful advice on your group work of designing an experiment and final poster & research paper.

In addition, Eta presents various opportunities such as applying Stanford Internship and activities of the Western Psychological Association. Please follow with interest if you want to enrich your academic experience.

·Recommended text: Cozby, P.C. & Bates, S.C. (2018). Methods in Behavioral Research

·Main activities & Assignments:

-Attendance (important!)

-Weekly quizzes

-Two exams (midterm & final)

-Stanford REP study or mini paper

-Experimental design & conduction(in groups)

-Poster of result (group work)

-Poster presentation (group work)

-Final research paper (must be done individually)

·Website recommendation:

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