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Course Introduction: English 1A

As an international student in the United States, it is a requirement to enter and complete transfer-level English coursework. For CCSF English classes, this means that students will be placed into one of two versions of transfer-level English, either English 1A without support, or English 1A with support. Students who are placed into 1A without support will take English 1A alone. Students who are placed into 1A with support will take English 1A plus a linked section of English 1AS. For international students, it is also common to take ESL (English as a Second Language) courses as prerequisites to get to 1A.

In City College of San Francisco, students must first complete the assessment/placement for English, even if they have passed TOEFL/IELTS and met the requirements. While it is not necessary to take a test, it is mandatory to fill out the placement forms (high school data form or college data form). The purpose of this placement is to assess a student's skill level of the English language so that they can take the appropriate course according to their level.

The process is simple. New students applying for CCSF's credit programs are required to do the English placement by submitting a completed high school or college data form along with their transcript to the Matriculation office (Conlan Hall 203, or And while it is possible to contest your placement results, it may require a long, rigorous process. In the first semester, all international students are also required to visit an academic counselor for a course plan before they could apply for any classes in CCSF. The counselor will recommend classes you should take according to your placement.

(n/b: This process is the same for the Math course placement.)

English 1A is always a popular and high-demanded course as every student needs it for transfer. Thankfully, CCSF has extensive schedules for English 1A every semester, but it is still often difficult to register yourself into the class even starting from the early application dates. It is always recommended to apply early for English 1A when possible, and note that even getting into the waitlist can give you high chances of getting the class and subject teacher in CCSF.

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