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Get your Personal Statement Reviewed!

Are you interested in getting your personal statement reviewed by an English professor? If you attended our Personal Statement workshop with Jorge Avila, you might have already heard about this! If not, keep reading because it's super easy! All you need to do is be enrolled in the English Lab Online on Canvas!

This is the link to enroll:


Once you are enrolled, go to the course and click "Assignments".

Then find the assignment labeled "Submit a College personal statement for review".

(For mine, it was the last assignment listed)

If you would like a faculty tutor to review your college application personal statement and provide feedback, do the following steps:

  1. Get the draft of your essay and the prompt questions from the application in one document.

  2. Click the submit button above and upload your draft and the writing prompt. You may use Word, Google docs, or text entry.

  3. Include a question that you most want answered by the tutor. For example, you could ask, "Do my answers address the questions asked" or ''Am I bragging too much about myself." The tutor can only address 1-2 topics at most.

  4. Priority will be given to statements that have not been previously reviewed.

  5. You may submit a revised statement for additional review after a week's time.

It is critical that tutors have the application's prompt questions to be sure they are reviewing your essay and the college's expectations accurately. Include the questions you are answering with the material you submit above.

An English faculty member will get back to you in approximately 48 hours or less. Make sure you check back here to see comments.  You will find them by clicking on the "grades" link on the left side of this page.


If you're interested in more help with your college application, you can schedule an appointment with a tutor to go over it or attend workshops for writing strategies that will help boost your personal statement or UC application!

To find these resources

1. Click on the course, "English Lab Online", you should be on the "Home" page.

2. Scroll down and you will see 5 colored buttons, click on the orange one labeled "Help With college applications".

3. There should be three options for you to choose from!

Click on whichever resource best fits the help you need! I went over how to submit a personal statement above, keep reading if you're interested in learning how to set up a tutoring appointment.

If you're interested in attending workshops, check out my other blog titled "FREE Book Vouchers, Food-Gift Cards, and Amazon Gift Cards" for upcoming workshops with opportunities to win prizes!


How to Set up a Tutoring Appointment:

  1. Click on "Fall Tutoring Schedule" (Links to an external site.) and note the times available for tutoring and the teacher who is tutoring at the time you want a tutoring conference. Some special times will be added for personal statement review with tutors specializing in those, but you can sign up for any available tutoring slot.

  2. Click on the "ConferZoom" button to the left. Please note that ConferZoom will use up phone data. Sign up only if you will be working online from a computer.

  3. Click on Appointment Booking 

  4. In the dropdown menu you will see a list of teachers in the class.  Not all of them are tutors.  Make an appointment with  Nicola MinerLisa King, or  Stephanie Macaller. 

  5. Click on one Nicola MineLisa King, or  Stephanie Macaller in the dropdown list and choose a time when you can meet.

  6. DO NOT book appointments with Erwin Barron, Kim Honda, or other teachers who are not tutors this semester. 

  7. Type in your name and student ID number in "Appointment Topic." In the "Purpose of Appointment" write the question you want to go over with a tutor regarding your English Assignment.

  8. Do not sign up for more than one-time slot per week.

  9. Submit your booking. You will see your appointment listed in ConferZoom.

  10. WRITE DOWN and put on your calendar the date and time of your appointment

Tutoring session appointments are for one student only. Tutoring sessions are confidential between the faculty tutor and student, but sessions are recorded for college records. . On the Day of Your Appointment with a Tutor: 1) Be ready online at your computer 15 min before the session begins. 2) Open the GLA Canvas Shell and go to ConferZoom. You will receive a prompt from Zoom to join the meeting you are scheduled for. Click "Join Meeting." 3) Open your College Application instructions and questions, and be ready to show the tutor.  4) Wait for the faculty tutor to start the meeting at your scheduled time. Please do not walk off. A tutor will be with you shortly. 5) If you experience technical difficulties, email to reach the English Lab Manager for immediate support.

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