Open Exclusively to Community College Students

College Leap Virtual National Business Plan Competition (NBPC) 

-- A Nationwide Competition for Community College Students;

-- A Series of Entrepreneurship Educational Workshops; 

-- An Access to UC Berkeley Entrepreneurship Ecosystem; 



Know what NBPC is about and learn how Mr. Richard Lyons says about us. 

NBPC Introduction by Jay Zhao (Co-Founder at College Leap) 

Video from Mr. Richard Lyons

(Chief Innovation & Entrepreneurship Officer at UC Berkeley) 

NBPC Info Sessions by Jay Zhao

(From Sep. 1st to Oct. 1st) 


Every Thursday 8:00 PM PST  Zoom Link

Every Friday      2:00 PM PST  Zoom Link

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A three-tiered progressive virtual competition in October 

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NBPC is for community college....

WechatIMG967 1.png

Who are currently working

on their project. 

Who want to practice their

field knowledge

Who believe their technology

and idea can make some changes

Who are craving for

opportunities to shine

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You only need to have at least one full-time community college students in your team to be eligible for NBPC  



How does NBPC work? Nine Rules you should know before registration?





  1. The size of each team must be from 1 to 5 members;

  2. Need to have at least one full-time U.S. community college students in the team;

  3. If all of your team members are from one college that has a separate session (listed below), please register in your college’s session. Otherwise, please register in open session. 

  4. Teams from all U.S. community colleges can compete in the open sessions.

  5. Teams DO NOT need to submit their pitch deck when register, but need to answer several key questions about their business.

  6. Registration forms will be used to conduct Screening Round

College Leap reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice


A combination of college designated sessions and open sessions 

between Oct. 5th to Oct. 18th

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A template and a sequence of workshops are prepared to walk you through the whole process of turning an idea into a business plan. All of the workshops are open to all! 


Here is a business plan guideline deck you may find useful when you work on your business plan

Here is the full rubric for first-round and regional-round.

Workshop 1: Brainstorm 

Prof. Laurence Lew 
Foothill College

Workshop 4: Growth Strategies 

Prof. Albert Napoli
Pasadena City College

Workshop 7: Decode Silicon Valley Startup Success 

Thomas Xu

UC Berkeley

Workshop 2: Business Model 

Prof. Vivian Faustino-Pulliam
City College of San Francisco

Workshop 5: Financials 

Prof. Jose Nava
Foothill College

Workshop 8: Pitch 

Prof. Kyle Barber

Bellevue College

Workshop 3: Market Opportunities

Prof. John Russo
Irvine Valley College

Workshop 6: The Entrepreneurial Mindset 

Prof. Nicole McGarity
Shoreline Community College

Workshop 9: Business Plan Deck 

Dillon Johnson

College Leap 

If you want to request for Participation Certificate, 

you need to register for all workshops



Successful Entrepreneurs, Business Faculties, and VC Partners

Stephen Torres

Alex Budak

Entrepreneur & CC alumnus

Industry Fellow and Faculty 

at UC Berkeley

Social Entrepreneur &

Changemaker Faculty & 

Director at Berkeley Haas Global

Access Program

Iris Quan

Partner at TSVC & 

Professor of Entrepreneurship at San Jose State University

William Rosenzweig

Social Entrepreneur & 

Professional Faculty & Social Impact Fellow 

at UC Berkeley Haas

Charles Eason

Statewide Director, 

Business and Entrepreneurship, 

California Community Colleges 

Anelisa Lauri

Program Manager at

National Association of

Community College Entrepreneurship (NACCE)

Gigi Wang

Startup Mentors & 

Industry Fellow and Faculty

at UC Berkeley

Yubo Ruan

Entrepreneur & CC Alumnus

Founder at 8 Decimal Capital

Dariush Zehdi

Director of UC Berkeley Center for

Entrepreneurship and Development at AMENA

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Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 10.23.33 AM.pn


Without our partners, NBPC would just be an idea!