Welcome the IVC Chapter Board!

The IVC College Leap chapter would like to introduce our new chapter officer team who are eager to make this a great year!

Alexa Zahlada: I'm Alexa, the IVC Chapter President. I'm a Business Admin student, mainly focusing on accounting and finance. I've lived in Ukraine and Germany for over half of my life, so I speak German, Russian, and Ukrainian. I graduated high school and completed a year of college abroad, but was struggling to figure out what I really wanted to do, so I came here and started taking classes from scratch. Now, I'm really set on accounting and hope to work for the Big 4 someday!

Esther Kim: Hi everyone! I’m Esther, VP of Membership Enrollment. I’m an Economics major, pursuing my future career in economic analytics. To briefly introduce myself, I have lived in South Korea and China, which has allowed me to experience cultural diversity. I’m excited to meet new people and work with you all!

Rachel Nellis: Hello! I'm Rachel, the VP of Membership Affairs at the IVC College Leap Chapter (I send the Welcome Letters, Newsletter, and write the blog posts!). I was born in California, but moved between Irvine and Seattle four times. Besides moving states, I also frequently moved schools and have been to 18 different schools in total. One positive of moving around so much is that it has made it so that I truly love to meet new people, and am always happy make anyone's transition to a new environment just a bit easier. I am currently studying abroad in South Korea, as I'm really passionate about traveling and learning new languages and cultures. So far, I speak a bit of French, Spanish, and Korean, but sadly am fluent in none, although I'm hoping to become fluent in at least one of these languages as an international business major. I'm really happy to be a part of the College Leap team this year and help provide resources to community college students, like myself.

Apoorva Gunti: Hi! My name is Apoorva Gunti and I'm the Director of Chapter Projects for the IVC chapter. My major is Bioengineering and I am currently a second year at IVC. I am extremely passionate about biology, specifically microbes and look forward to pursuing research someday! I didn't realize my interest with the application of engineering concepts with biology until very recently, but community college has given me the chance to explore and to now commit to this major.

Rachel Kim: Hello everyone! I'm Rachel Kim and the secretary of the IVC Chapter. My major is sociology and this is my first semester at IVC. I graduated from Northwood HS, but, before moving to Irvine, I used to live in Korea and China. I was born and raised in Korea, lived in Shanghai for about 4 years, and moved here 3 years ago. Those experiences were very memorable to me and I'm looking forward to making another memory with you guys!

Mya Thanegi Soe: Hi everyone! I'm Mya, Director of IAN, my major is Computer Science. I haven't decided on a specific field I want to specialize in but my main interests include AI/NLP/ML, Robotics, Cybersecurity and more. I moved here from Myanmar 2 years ago and started college. Looking forward to connecting with everyone!

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