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TAG Information You Don't Want to Miss!

Hi fellow transfer applicants, there is a week left to apply for TAG! If you’re wondering what TAG is and how TAG can help you in your UC application, please continue reading!

What is TAG?

A “Transfer Admission Guarantee” (TAG) allows you — as a California community college student — to earn guaranteed acceptance to a university, as long as you follow university-specific instructions, guidelines, and criteria. (including F-1 Visa students transferring directly from California CC)

TAG is available at 6 campuses: Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz

• TAG Application Period for Davis, Irvine, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz: Sept 1-30 for following Fall transfer

• Merced & Riverside – take TAG applications twice a year: Sept 1-30 for Fall transfers; May 1-31 for Winter (Riverside) or Spring (Merced) transfers

What are the Minimum Requirements for UC TAG?

  • Must transfer from a California community college

  • Have 45 transferable units completed by end of Summer 2020

  • Meet campus specific GPA requirement (see Matrix)

  • Meet English & Math course completion deadlines for campus

  • Meet selective major requirements

UC TAG Matrix:

(Note: Review the campus TAG website for the most updated articulation agreement)

Things to consider when applying for TAG:

1. Which campus do I want to apply for admission? (Students can only apply for TAG to one campus)

2. Do I meet the TAG GPA? (If not, do I have more time to meet the GPA? Is GPA required now or by end of Fall?)

3. Is a TAG allowed for my major?

4. Will I meet the English & Math deadline?

5. If my major is selective, will I be able to complete the prerequisites by the end of Spring?

TAG Application Tips & Reminder:

  • Gather ALL transcripts before entering data into Transfer Admission Planner

  • Read carefully, answer all questions, save your work. TAGs are often denied because of incomplete and inaccurate information

  • Report ALL courses as it appears on your transcripts, whether you believe they are transferable or not(include withdrawals, repeats, and incompletes).

  • Apply for one TAG, but you may apply to multiple campuses for admission

  • The major for TAG must match the major you choose in the UC application

  • Report any colleges attended including universities out of the united states

  • Explain any gaps in your education after high school.

  • Summer 2021 units do not count towards admission requirements, but can be transferred

  • The TAG application differs from the UC Application for Admission. Don’t forget to submit the UC Undergraduate Application(November 1-30)

Useful Link & Resources(Click to open):

For more information and tips on how to complete the TAG application, attend an upcoming ISP UC TAG Workshop on Wednesday, 9/23 from 11:00AM-12:00PM

and Friday, 9/25 from 2:00PM-3:00PM!

In addition, attend an upcoming Transfer Center UCTAG Clinic and get more information and support from Transfer Center counselors.

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