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Let's relax this winter and get ready for spring classes and new activities we're hosting.

Hi everyone,

we are from College leap at Elac. Time flies quickly. Our College leap at Elac has been established for 4 months. Here we first want to thank the students for their trust in us. Our success is inseparable from the participation of our students. Your participation has become the biggest motivation for our activities. Of course, we will also have many activities similar to NBPC in 2021. These activities will be of great help to your transfer, so we hope that you can actively participate in our activities and competitions. The winter course has started, some students are engaged in busy learning, College leap at Elac will do its best to help you.

We are recruiting new members. We hope that more students can learn about the College leap at Elac, so I hope that our department members can recommend our club to friends and classmates around. Here I am very grateful for your help. If any students want to join us, please contact this email. Thank You!

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