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Internship Experience Panel

Many don’t know the steps to start looking for an internship.

Others find it rather difficult to secure an internship.

Some believe that they will miss out on an internship opportunity because of their lack of experience.

However, these are all considered excuses that are prohibiting you from finding the internship of your dreams.

College Leap @IVC is here to help! This Tuesday, March 2 at 5:30 PM (PST), we will be hosting the Internship Experience Panel.

The internship search can be overwhelming, but we strive to bridge that gap by providing the necessary resources and guidance for those looking for new opportunities. The Internship Experience Panel features IVC students/alumni who have gotten prestigious internships at Facebook, LinkedIn, Deloitte, and NASA.

Our speakers will share their extraordinary experiences and share phenomenal tips on how to take advantage of networking! They will also provide information on how they landed an internship and the steps needed for you to get one as well!

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