Improve Your Transfer Competitiveness? Consider UC Summer School!

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A rich experience is conducive for enhancing the competitiveness of community college students in the transfer application. Besides participating in extracurricular activities, enrolling in one of the UC’s summer sessions may be another great choice.

Why choosing summer classes in universities?

- Summer sessions are open to all applicants who meet considerably lower academic threshold requirements. You can apply for course registration without the admission certificate of UC or other four-year universities, and the application process is simple.

-A variety of elementary-level courses from multiflorous departments are available for registration in summer session.

-You will gain an academic record after successfully completing the course, which can add highlights to your transfer applications.

-Have a try on university-level courses is beneficial for practicing academic skills. You might also want to adapt to the requirements and teaching styles of an excellent four-year university in advance of transferring.

How to decide on a course?

-First, please remember the difficulty level of UCs’ classes is different from courses in community colleges. Please consider the course selection carefully and arrange your time reasonably. The recommended amount of courses to enroll in summer session is one or two courses.

-Select from your major-related courses. You can experience how your major courses are instructed in a university.

-Select from general courses (IGETC). The elementary general courses in summer sessions are usually relatively simple, which can make you less stressed in learning.

-Select from the courses that you are interested in. Your interests will always bring you an enjoyable learning experience. Moreover, if you are intrigued by a specific and subdivided field, you are very likely to enroll in one of some wonderful “niche” courses!

Tips for being academically successful

-Remember to register for elementary courses, mind the prerequisite and difficulty level of each course. Please don’t set yourself a huge challenge.

-Manage your schedule and complete the assignments in a timely manner.

-Keep in touch with your instructor(s) (by email and/or via office hour).

-Most importantly, ENJOY your summer at university! Please remember that enrolling in summer session is a cool add-on experience rather than a task 😊!

Here are some links to register pages of UC summer sessions (2020), and you will see the updates on the same sites for summer 2021 sooner or later.

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