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Edmonds College Leap Introduction Blog

Hi everyone,

Welcome, all of you to Edmonds College Leap Blog! My name is Angelita and I am the Vice President of Membership Affairs at Edmonds College Leap. And for our first blog, I'll introduce you to our Leadership team.

College Leap is a nonprofit organization that aims to create opportunities such as internship programs, volunteer sessions, and informative workshops for community college students, especially international students. Over the years, there are now more than 25 community college chapters in college leap, including from our school, Edmonds College Leap.

Here are our leaders for the 2020-2021 school year.

- President: Jasmine Bui (Vietnam)

Hi, My name is Jasmine Bui and I am the president of Edmonds College Leap. I am currently pursuing an Engineering major. I love reading and my favorite book is Heartless by Marissa Meyer, The Miracles of the Namiya General Store, and Tottochan by Kuroyanagi.

- Vice President of Membership Enrollment: Nguyen Khoi Viet / Shane (Vietnam)

Hi, My name is Viet, or just call me Shane. I am the VP of Membership Enrollment at the College leap. I am 17 years old and I am from Vietnam. Right now, I am a Computer Science student at Edmonds College and I love traveling.

- Vice President of Membership Affairs - Angelita Cecilia (Indonesia)

Hi, My name is Angelita Cecilia but you can just call me Angel. I am 18 years old and I am the VP of Membership affairs at Edmonds College Leap. I am currently pursuing Mass Communication and Media Studies as my major and my hobbies are playing musical instruments and cooking.

- Director of Alumni Networks - Adrian Windsor Ng (Hongkong)

Hi, My name is Adrian and I am from Hongkong. I am the Director of Alumni Network and I am planning to transfer as an economics/business major. My hobby is cooking and my favorite sport is fencing.

- Director of Chapter Projects: Hang Dinh ( Vietnam)

Hi guys, My name is Hang Dinh and I am from Vietnam. I am 19, and my major is Hospitality Management. I am the Director of Chapter Projects. I like listening to music a lot (especially Kpop!) but I also read and do some cooking in my free time.

- Secretary: Amas Poon (Hongkong)

Hi! My name is Amas Poon but just call me Amas and I'm 18 right now. I am majoring in Speech and Hearing Science. I am the secretary at the Edmonds College Leap. You might find it in the gym as I really love swimming.


Our goal is to be present and assist you in any way possible, even if it means virtually! We are working on many projects and activities for all of you, along with regularly updating resources for students. We also have the alumni network and volunteer opportunities coming up for you as well.

Our most current project is the Transfer Student Panel Series (TSPS), which is a series of online webinars held to bridge the information gaps between community college students and four-year institutions. Each week we have a Zoom meeting where you can register and join to hear transfer students share their stories and experiences.

This week, on October 15th, from 2:00 pm-3:30 pm (pst) we will have our first-round session of our National Business Planning Competition (NBPC) at Edmonds College. Join and support our students by joining our zoom meeting!

Here is the link to our events calendar!

Check out our Instagram and Website for more information!!

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