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Course recommend


Units: 5

Transferability: CSU and UC

Lecture Hours: TBA

Object: Learn and understand the basic concepts/ideas covered in the class.

- Textbook: Inquiry into Physics, Ostdiek/Boad, 8th edition

Recommended Instructor: M. Ishimura

Online Success Tips:

1. A formula sheet can be used for exams. Bring your calculator.

2. Attendance: Attendance at all class session is expected. If one is absent for more than 6 consecutive hours during the semester, he/she might be dropped. If you need to drop the class, please do so officially at the registration office.

3. Homework will be assigned for each chapter. Solving physics problems is absolutely essential for understanding the concepts/subjects and mathematical practices. Without this effort, students should not expect to survive the course.


A: 90 –100 %

B: 80 –89 %

C: 70 –79 %

D: 60 –69 %

F: below 59 %

Grade composition:

75 %: Lab Reports

25 %: Lab Performance

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