The Career and Internship Preparation Seminar (CIPS)


A seminar series featuring HR Managers, Working Professionals, and Students who've interned at some of the world’s biggest companies to share their knowledge.


Jennifer Garibay

Contractor in recruiting at Google. She managed and ran a team of 30 contractors who did promotions for Jack Daniels and Crown Royal. She specializes in helping college grads and corporate young professionals land their dreams jobs and internship positions.

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Junette Caloroso

Recruiter and career strategist at Google and Wish. She has helped over 300 people land their dream jobs and have had the opportunity to work and collaborate with leaders in the Tech Industry. 

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Ivy Sun is the HR lead and Project Manager at Tencent America. She has held over 500+ interviews in the past year, and is experienced in training new hires.


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